7 possible ways to possibly effective lesson.

Salam and hye, from my very own point of view, there are several factor that can help the teacher to determine whether he/she can make an effective Lesson Plan and come out with the targeted Learning Objective.

So, in this entry, I will list down 7 possible items that I think which will ensure an effective lesson.

1. Realistic Lesson Plan.

It all come back to the basic. Whether you manage to make the correct lesson plan or not and whether you will manage to complete the lesson plan in the time given. Try to make the lesson more student-centered so that the pupils will gain their knowledge on their own and don’t totally depends on the teacher to give the input.

2. Challenging activity

Teacher must take the responsibility to find or even come out with a challenging activity for the pupils. Please stop asking the pupils to copy everything from the text book. It is freaking boring. By come out with a quite difficult challenge, it will help the pupils to develop their thinking skills more effectively.

3. Teaching Approaches

A good teacher must have variety of teaching approaches and must master each of it. This to make sure that the teacher able to tackle and attract the pupils attention towards learning and don’t make the pupils demotivated by using same and lame teaching approaches every time he/she come and teach the classroom.

4. Teaching Aids

Teacher, please try to come out with an attractive teaching aids even though you will not gain any extra payment for doing it. Whether it is as simple as flashcard or PowerPoint, please try to use it in the classroom. Don’t kill the pupils by ask them to refer to the text book every time they have lesson with you. Try to make the teaching aids colorful and attractive so that the pupils will engage towards the learning.

5.  Teacher as facilitator

Nowadays, pupils have been exposed to lots of knowledge before they come to school. Try to take advantages on this. Don’t give all the input to the pupils, but engage them to come out with their own learning by ask them to work in group or in pair. List down what they know about the topics teach and then after that the teacher explain what the pupils don’t understand. This will help to develop the pupils thinking skills and learning skills.

6. Group Work / Pair

2 brain are always better than one if they know what they are doing. Try to make the pupils to work in group or pair. This will help them to think better and come out with a better answer. Plus, by working in group, the pupils will know how to divide works, and be responsible to their tasks according to the instruction given by the teacher.

7. ICT Tools

ICT tools does help if we want to make an interesting teaching and learning session. For example, by using online games in the classroom/computer laboratory ( if you have one in your school). This will help to attract the pupils attention towards the learning and low down their affective filter because they are enjoying the learning. By doing this, the knowledge will be memorize more easily and effectively.

This are the 7 possible items which will ensure an effective student-centered, personalized, higher-order-thinking lesson based on my own opinions. I do appreciate if you want to comment on my lesson or want to suggest other ways to make effective lesson.

Till then,

Bye and salam.


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Interactive E-book~

Salam and hye,

Honestly, my e-book will not have before and after. But it will only have now. Why? Because my hard disk is corrupt and my previous e-book that I submit for my assignment already RIP. So, I start over my e-book and thanks god, I managed to finish it eventhough it is already over the dateline.

So, this is how my e-book will look like.

“Just click on the picture to make it grower like a juara”

So, what have I done in order to make it more interactive and interesting to the pupils?

First, I make sure that I select the pictures that is colorful and appeal interesting to the pupils. The selection of the Mickey Mouse as the “talker” is very interesting for me because all the kid most probably known him and attracted to him.

I also make sure that I choose the correct font and color so that the pupils will not have any difficulty to read and understand the words.

I also try to keep the sentences as short as possible. This to make sure that the pupils will not get boring easily and will continue reading the book until to the end.

I also make sure that each pages is not to crowded with words and color. I put all the necessary thing only in the pages so that the pupils can give their full attention to the topic.

I make sure that the background color don’t appeal more attractive than the character color. I also chose the font that I think is big enough for the kids to read it easier.

Overall, this is how my e-book look like. Yes, I know that my e-book is not perfect, and I welcome any comment that can help me to create more effective and interesting e-book in the future. Till then, bye-bye.

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Lesson Plan using ICT in the classroom in Malaysia Primary School~

Salam and hye~

Today I will write about, how to use one of the most interesting online software that I find very interesting in order to teach the pupils. My choosen software is, Build Your Wild Self that I find very attractive and suitable to teach the pupils about the body part for human and also animal~ woho~ so, this is how my LP will look like~

Daily Lesson Plan

Year                            : Standard 2 Usaha

Proficiency                : Mix abilities

Topic                          : Body Parts

Language focus        : Noun

LO                               : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to ;

1. Identify different types of body part

2. Explain the functions of different body part

3. Write correct sentences about the functions of the body part


: Teacher asks the pupils to enter the Build Your Wild Self website.

: Teacher show example of the human body part to the pupils.

: Teacher asks the pupils to design and create their very own normal body                               part in 5 minutes.

: Teacher take a look at the pupils creation and commenting on how to                              improve it.

: Teacher asks the pupils to tell the class what are the function of the body                                  part that they are creating.

: Teacher listen to the pupils answer and correct them if they make any                             mistakes.

: Teacher tell the pupils that now, they must create the wild version of                               themselves.

: Teacher shows example of the “wild teacher” and then explain the                                           functions of each animal body part that he has decided to use.

: Teacher ask the pupils to create their own wild version and then write the                      functions of each animal body part that they have decided to choose.

: Teacher asks several pupils to tell their answer and correct them if they                                 make any mistakes.

: Teacher explain the functions of different body part to the pupils.


So basically, this is the rough ideas of how my lesson plan will look like. Anything that you would like to comment in order to improve it is highly recommended. Thanks~ 😀

p/s: Click on the link to take the tour to the website. No picture included because the picture is still under maintained. Thanks~

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Week 7 ; Reflection on the presentation

Salam and hye..

Today I learn

1. That some of us don’t aware that there is limited time in the classroom.

2. That some of us spend lots of time to do the task given.

3. Peer assessment is not that practical if all the student don’t actually listen to the presentation.

4. All the groups do a good jobs in order to finish the task.

Today I question

1. How effective by using games in classroom will help the pupils to learn faster? How about yourself during your primary school? Do you play games for learning or for fun?

2. We are teacher to be. Do we will have enough time to do all this games/ activities? Bare in mind, we will get at least 24 period in school per week and are you sure we will able to do this so “called-fun-games” activity in school?

3. If this kind of games is so effective to teach the pupils, why in the world that our government don’t apply it in all school? Will money be the issues? Oh, in the future money will drops from sky eh?

4. Validity of the peer assessment? Do they give feedback based on what they hear? Or just give a general feedbacks?


Do what you think necessary in school. We all will be posted to different kind of school. You are the teacher. Your jobs is to educated the pupils. No matter how lame or attractive the methods/techniques that you use, as long the pupils get the knowledge, it will be fine. VERY fine indeed.

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Using games in Classroom-My LP-


If I been given the chances to use games in classroom, one of the online games that I most probably will use is Word Search. Not only it is in English, but it is very effective to teach the pupils on how to think creatively and but it is also very effective to be use in a classroom.

This is the example of the Lesson Plan that I might use if I am using this games in the classroom.

Class: Standard 4 ( Mix abilities pupils)

Enrollment : 24 Pupils

Language focus : Noun

Focussed skills : Speaking and Reading

Objective : Pupils will be able to make at least 5 sentences correctly using the word that they have found in the game.

So, how the teacher can use this game in the classroom?

First, the teacher explain that the pupils need to find all the words that they have been assign with.

After that, the teacher ask the pupils to find the meaning of each words and after that, they need to make a complete sentence using the word that they have come out with.

This is basically the rough ideas on how to using Word Search in the classroom. The learning outcomes can be changes based on our own lesson plan and creativity.

p/s: the internet connection in my house is sux big time. So, just go to facebook, and search for the games “Word Search” for the screen shot or even play the game. Thank you.

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Kebabom Studyio read Kerpoof Studio

Salam and hye, this will be my 4th blog entry for the 4th week. This blog entry will based on the question that been posted by Ms.Ng in our e-mail+WLive.

After take a look at all the ICT tools that been provided, I have decided to choose Kerpoof Studio to be use in my classroom. This because, after test the ICT tool, I find out that the Kerpoof is quite interesting and attractive plus, it have lots of functions.

So now, my review will based on the question that been asked by Ms.Ng.

1. Functions of the tool. I realize that this tool have lots of functions such as;

  • Spell a picture
  • Make a movie
  • Make a card
  • Make a drawing
  • Make a picture
  • Tell a story

2. The limitations of the tool. Even though this software will help the teacher to attract the pupils attention and make the learning lesson more interesting, it also have it own limitations such as;

  • The classroom/the computer lab must have a stable internet connection
  • The pupils must have a basic knowledge on how to use the computer
  • The pupils may become to excited and then don’t focus on the lesson
  • The objective of the lesson may don’t be achieve due to limitation of time because the pupils may need some time to get use to the software.

3. When can this tool be used. As i mention above, this tools is very interesting and attractive, as a teacher, if we know on how to manipulate the tools, definitely the tools can be use at any time of the lesson. The most important thing is, the tools must act as a teaching aids and help the teacher to attract the pupils attention and at the same time help the teacher to achieve the learning outcomes. If not, this tool will not become necessary to be use in the classroom. But I believe, as a well prepare educators, we will know the exact time to use the correct tool for the correct lesson.

4. The use friendliness from the teacher point of view. Based on my own experience of using this ICT tools, it is very user friendly. All the instruction are well elaborate and it is very simple to be understand even though for primary pupils. So, based on my own experience, this tool is very user-friendly.

5. The tools is suitable for what standard. I think this tool can be use for all the standard in the primary school as long the teacher know on how to manipulate the software. It is user-friendly, interesting, attractive and have multiply functions, so, the teacher must decided which function is the most suitable for what standard.

Overall, this ICT Tools, Kerpoof Studio is a very powerful teaching aids in the future if we know the correct ways on how to manipulate it. Cheers 😀




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Salam and Hi everyone,

This week, we been expose into T-Pack during the ICT classroom. Honestly, I think all of us already implement and integrated T-Pack in our lesson without we notice it.

For this week entry, I will wrote about one of my teaching lesson that I think will be suitable to be use to discuss about T-Pack.

The Lesson Plan

Subject                     : English

Class                         : 4 Usaha

Enrolment               : 24 Pupils

Theme                      : Come Rain or Shine

Topic                        : World of Stories

Language Focus     : Conjuctions (and,but,or,because)

Teaching Aids        : PowerPoint, Video, LCD, Speaker.

Sorry because I cant illustrate which one is T,P, C-k because my hardisk is corrupt and none of my lesson plan can be saved. So, I am referring to my “Buku Rekod” and will try my best to explain how I have integrated T-Pack in my lesson.

But before that, lets me show you what T-Pack really is ;

I dont think that any of use need more explanation about what is T-Pack right? So, I will talk about my lesson according to the requirement started with T,P, and C-k


The most important part in teaching for me is the set induction. This is because, with a interesting set-induction, it will help the learner to give their full attention to the topic of that days. For this lesson, I decided to use the video entitled, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to attract the pupils attention.

This is the example of the song that I use for that lesson. For the lesson, I already edit the video and add subtitle to the song so that my pupils can understand the song easily.


I paste several pictures on the white board and then ask the pupils whether the weather is shiny,cloudy,rainy or windy. After that, I ask the pupils to build a simple sentences using conjunctions. e.g. “The weather is shiny and windy.”


My language focus for that days is about conjunctions, so, I ask the pupils to build a sentence using suitable conjunctions that I have teach them earlier by using “and”,”or”,”but” or  “because”.


So, by using the T,P, and C-k, I think I manage to deliver my input to all my pupils and they able to understand it. Plus, after the presentation part, the pupils able to build their own sentences with minimum errors.

In order to answer the 2nd Question on how Content Knowledge is being taught via Pedagogy Knowledge, and how Technology Knowledge helps the Pupils to make the students get Content, I can says that, all of it been integrated in the lesson. The teacher must choose the most suitable Methods to teach the pupils so that the pupils will get the input that the teacher want them to receive. And, technology help the teacher to attract the pupils attention and it will help the pupils to gain the input easier.

I do believe everyone have their own definition of T-Pack. No matter how you define it, the most important things is, the pupils get the correct input and you able to finish all the topic according to the time allocated.

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My 10 Wishlist

ICT is a very hot topic nowadays, people are trying to implement the ICT in the school. Can we still remember what happen to ALL the COMPUTER LABORATORY in ALL SCHOOL in Malaysia? Are they still been use or already collapse? =)

If I give the opportunity to make 10 wishlist so that ICT can be integrated in the school, I really hope that all 10 the wishlist that I will state below will be considered.

1. Enough facilities

Mean that, computer, projector, Smart Board, and etc must be provided the teacher to be use and the most important things is, everything must be working!

2. Internet Connection

ICT and Internet is like siblings. Both must be use to make an attractive lesson and teaching lesson. I dont think we need a very super duper fast connection, enough if the connection is stable and can be use to surf the net, and buffer the video.


I do hope that all the teacher that plan to use ICT in the classroom been provided with suitable and necessary software. Yes. The KPM already distribute the CD-rom to be used in the school, but most of the software are not appropriate and dont really attract the pupils attention. KPM should hire a group of software engineer and come out with a really attractive and suitable software to be use in the school.

4. Computer Laboratory

Yes, all school in Malaysia most probably have their own Computer Laboratory, but the problem is, are they still working? Can the lab been use for teaching? Are it comfortable enough to occupied 30 to 40 pupils at same time? If not, I would like to wish that ALL school in Malaysia will have their own, functional, Computer Laboratory. If the lab is working, it will help the teacher to save some time to setup all the materials needed so that the lesson can be plan according to what already been planned.

5. Technician

We know that computer and pupils will not match perfectly. The pupils are more interested to “destroy” the computer rather than making friend with it. I do wish a technician can help to maintain and make sure that all the ICT tools in the lab are working and can be use during the lesson.

6. Lab Assistant

If science teacher can have a lab assistant, why don’t teacher who using computer Laboratory having their own assistant? It is not easy to handle 30 pupils + 30 computer at the same time. With the help of Lab Assistant, they can help to handle the pupils on how to handle and use the computer. It will be great to have a lab assistant.

7. Seminar/ Exposure for teacher

Most of the new teacher-to-be already know the importances of using ICT in the classroom. And maybe, some of the senior teacher have a basic or zero knowledges about the advantages of using ICT in the classroom. So, I think a seminar will help the junior and senior teacher to have more exposure of using ICT in the classroom. Maybe it will help them to be more spirited to using ICT during their lesson.

8. Seminar for parents

Not only teacher need to been educated with the importances of ICT, the parents also must have a simple knowledge about the importances of technology. Maybe by giving the parents exposure about the importances of ICT, they will try to provided their children with necessary stuff for example, a laptop and Internet connection at their houses. By doing so, it will help the pupils to have basic knowledge about ICT and it can be use during the learning session.

9. Special Curriculum Specifications

We know that all teacher been provided with specific curriculum specifications for each subject. So, maybe, maybe a special CS can be produce for teacher that using ICT in the classroom. It will be really helpful for teacher because the CS most probably will save the teacher time to think about the most appropriate ICT tools to be use during the lesson.

10. Ipad for teacher and pupils!

Yes. IPad will be really helpful. It is light and easy to been carry around. Maybe an Ipad can be distribute to each pupils and teacher to be use during the lesson.

This is my wishlist, whether it become true or not, I will still teaching with all the things that I can found and I will try my best to be a good teacher in the future for the sake of my next generation. And if my wishlist be granted, I am 80% sure that I will integrated ICT in EACH of my lesson. =)

That all for now. Salam.

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“We make the leader, we are their teacher”


Have been a long,long time since i last wrote something useful in my life.

This time, i will tell the point of view of mine during my 3 month practical at SK (2) Sultan Alam Shah, Selangor.

First, I will tell the background of the school a bit. Eventhough the school is near to the town and located near to the housing area, the capacity of the school is really small. It only consists of 150 pupils and 14 teachers.

My group is consists of 4 person that is me, Fendy, Syakir, and Nicholas. Overall during the first week we were there, the teacher and staff are friendly and willing to share their knowledge with us that is very important for us as a future teacher.

I were assigned to teach standard 4 Usaha for both English and Science.  At the first look of the classroom, I am quite afraid that I will not able to handle the classroom because the class is a mix abilities classroom. Where the smart, the average, and the poor proficiency of pupils are mix together in one particular classroom. My classroom is consist of 24 pupils ( 13 boy and 11 girl).

During the first week of my teaching practice, I spent the time with the Science and English teacher to know about the background of each pupils. They share their knowledge and how to handle and manage the classroom in the most appropriate and effective ways. After take a look on how the teacher teach and punish handle the pupils, I have a general knowledge on how to tackle and attract the pupils attention.

Our teaching practice is start on the the middle of July 2010 where half of the topics in the syllabus already been covered by the school teacher. So, my jobs is finish the rest of my syllabus and at the same time, finish my own teaching practice.

Based on my observation, i can see that the teacher is rarely using ICT in their classroom. They are mostly depending on the text book and the exercise book. As a new, hardworking, fresh teacher, I am decided to utilize the use of ICT in my classroom. I ask the teacher whether the LCD in the classroom are working or not, and as I expected, ” The LCD is not working “. He also tell me that there are only 1 working LCD in the school and I can get it from the IT teachers.

I apply for the permission to use the LCD and use it during my TP, the first things that I use the LCD for is, during the Transportation topics. I google and download some video about several transportation in this world for part of my teaching. I extract,cut and edit the video to been use during my English lesson. I can remember that I show the video to the pupils during presentation stage to attract the pupils attention towards the learning and as I expected, the pupils are giving a positive respond to it. They tend to focus and watch and also listen to the description of the video. I was very glad to see that my pupils are giving positive response and it make me more courage to use the ICT.

My second experience using ICT tools is during my observation by Puan Seethradevi. I am using power point to attract the pupils attention. The topic that I cover on that particular day is about Road Safety. I google and find some images about road safety signboard and put it in the power point. It help to save my money and time compare to find the images, print it, cut it, paste it, and show to the pupils. I don’t know why, but maybe the more bigger and clearer images in the power point help to keep the pupils in their places and follow my instruction during my observation. And I also get a good positive feedback from my lecturer about the use of the power point during the teaching lesson.

From the positive feedback and behave attitude from my pupils every time  I using ICT in the classroom, I decided to keep using and implement ICT in my classroom. For the third experience using ICT in the classroom, I am playing a Incy Wincy Spider during my teaching lesson. On that day, I am teaching the topic, “Come rain and shine”, and I decided to use that song to attract the pupils attention, and I successfully attract the pupils attention towards the learning and the class is so smooth and silky. This is the video of that song.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of the classroom during the teaching lesson but I have a pics of me with the whole classroom on my last days of teaching practice.

Overall, I can says that I have an amazing time during my teaching practice, and amazing experience using ICT in the classroom. I hope all the experience that I get during the teaching practice will help me to become a good teacher in the future.


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Dialogue Session~

Hye, this is a dialogue session between a school teacher, and me about what I had learn during this semester in this course.
(T: teacher, A: Azreil)

T: So, what have you learn from 14 week of learning techno
this semester?

A: Oh my, I had learnt lots of valuable knowledge from this
subject that help me to become a better teacher in the future.

T: Really? Can you give any example?

A: First of all, this subject asks me to think about what is
my philosophy, and stick to it. Before this, I never taught that by having
philosophy can help me to improve myself.

T: Okay, other than that? And how this course helps you to
become a better learner?

A: First of all, this course asks us to do an e-portfolio,
where we can reflect back on what we had learned. And I am agreeing that e-portfolio
help me in my learning.

T: How does it help? I mean the e-portfolio things.

A: By having e-portfolio, I can always look back at my
works, and what I had learned during this course easily. I can always refers to
my e-portfolio is I already forgotten what I had learn. The e-portfolio also teaches
me to become systematic and organize, because my e-portfolio can be read by others.
So, I will try to make it as good as possible.  By having e-portfolio also, it helps me to
develop my writing skills.

T:  So, you agree that
e-portfolio help you in your learning?

A:  Yes! I can’t deny
that.  It does help me a lots.

T:  So, what are the
chances that you will use e-portfolio during your teaching?

A:  It heavily depends
on what school I will be teaching. If the school facilities and the time allow
me to do that, I will try to use e-portfolio in my teaching because it can give
lots of benefits to the pupils.

 T: You using in
e-portfolio in Windows Live right? How is Windows Live? Is it user friendly?

A: At first, it is quite difficult because I still don’t really
familiar with that social networking site, but from week to week, I find it
quite easy to be use, and it have lots of advantages such as Skydrive.

T:  Skydrive?

A:  Yap. Skydrive is one
of the Windows Live applications that allow us to store our file. It
functioning same like pen drive, but it is easier as we can get access to our
data at any place.

T: Okay, I think that all, do you have any last words?

A:  Okay, I would like
to thanks all the tutors and the lecturer that had teach me about techno in
this semester. Especially to Prof. Raja Maznah and Ms.Ng. Thank you for your
willingness to share all your knowledge with me and my friends. That all.

T: Okay, thank you for spending your time to been interview
by me. I notice that you are 4 hours late, what happen?

A: I am so sorry to keep you waiting. I stuck at Puchong due
to the heavy rain.

T: Okay, I can understand your problem, that all for today,
thank you.

A: Your welcome, and thank you for willing to interview me. I hope that this dialogue session can help to tell the world about the advantages of e-portfolio.

Bye2 techno, see you in the future~ daaa…….

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